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It is made by combining classic kombucha with cold pressed fresh ginger juice.
Extremely refreshing, slightly sharp, deep intense taste. It is said that ginger kombucha is addictive!

Filtered water, organic tea (Yunnan, Sencha), sugar, live bacteria and yeast cultures, cold pressed ginger juice. And that's all!

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories: 21,4 kcal / 89,5 kJ

Total Fat:0 g

Total carbohydrate:
Sugars:5,0 g
4,8 g

Protein:0,1 g

Sodium:0 g

Additional informations

Despite filtration, sediment or small transparent jelly may appear. It's completely normal and it proves that kombucha is alive.

As with any fermented product, traces of alcohol may occur but less than 0.5 ABV.

Almost everyone will love Ginger kombucha. The combination of ginger and Kombucha makes the drink softer and a bit spicy. When should you reach for ginger? When you are looking for a quick, strong refreshment with an interesting taste. We go for ginger often on hot days, but also after physical activities, regardless of the season of the year.

Ginger is ideal for making your favourite drinks. Prosecco or gin with Ginger kombucha and ice cubes? The possibilities are endless. One thing is certain - your drinks will enter a new, previously unknown level.

330 ml bottles are perfect "at once". So you don't have to leave kombucha for later and you can always enjoy the best taste.

An open bottle of kombucha left for a long time can become noticeably more acidic. The reason is the inflow of air, which "awakens" dormant fermentation.

Storage of kombucha at a temperature higher than 8°C may affect the taste. Remember that KOKO Kombucha is a living tea that reacts to the surroundings.