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We’re young, dynamically developing company. We think kombucha should be widely available as a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks. Our main goal, from the very beginning, was to promote this great and healthy drink among the widest range of people and to inspire to follow healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Initially, we brew kombucha in our kitchen and we shared it with our loved ones. Although the drink is full of beneficial properties it was not known in our surrounding.

Before we decided to take this big step and start officially selling kombucha and launch the company it took us a lot of time. We tested various recipes, tea types, production methods for almost a year to be sure that our product will be 100% as we would like it to be. Thanks to this, we are sure that the bottle of KOKO Kombucha you keep in your hands is a real kombucha of the best quality. Just the way it should be!

At the time we brewed over 600 liters of kombucha as test versions!