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Perfect sweet-sour balance. Pure, rich, the most dry fermented flavor. It tastes like sour apple, cider and citrus.
We want to show that good kombucha does not need the addition of fruity juices to taste great.

Filtered water, organic tea (Yunnan, Sencha), sugar, live bacteria and yeast cultures. And that's all!

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories: 20,2 kcal / 84,5 kJ

Total Fat:0 g

Total carbohydrate:
Sugars:4,8 g
4,8 g

Protein:0,1 g

Sodium:0 g

Additional informations:

Despite filtration, sediment or small transparent jelly may appear. It's completely normal and it proves that kombucha is alive.

As with any fermented product, traces of alcohol may occur but less than 0.5 ABV.

Our Original kombucha will find supporters among lovers of sour and dry flavours.. Suitable in every situation. However, if we have to mention one moment when we reach for it most often is... while we are eating.

Perfectly fits your favourite burger, pizza or pad thai. It is enough to try our Original kombucha once with a meal and you will never replace it with a regular carbonated drink. And in addition, it supports digestion.

330 ml bottles are perfect "at once". So you don't have to leave kombucha for later and you can always enjoy the best taste.

An open bottle of kombucha left for a long time can become noticeably more acidic. The reason is the inflow of air, which "awakens" the dormant fermentation.

The Storage of kombucha at a temperature higher than 8°C may affect the taste. Remember that KOKO Kombucha is a living tea that reacts to the surroundings.