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What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a raw fermented tea. It is naturally lightly carbonated and refreshing. KOKO KOMBUCHA is made in a traditional method and from the best ingredients.

It is not pasteurized. There is no added sweeteners or preservatives. That’s why our kombucha has the best nutritional values possible and real deep taste.

KOKO kombucha is 100% vegan, gluten-free and raw product.


Beside its great taste kombucha has a beneficial effect on our body.

  • Supports body detoxication in a natural way,
  • Is a great source of probiotics that enrich our bacterial flora, massage our guts and support the immune system,
  • contains many naturally formed organic acids (e.g. lactic, acetic, gluconic), which support digestion and metabolism,
  • contains vitamins, among others: C, K and B1, B6, B12, which regulate the action of the whole body.


Our kombucha is made in small batches. As one of the few companies, we brew kombucha in glass vessels. Glass is the only material that does not react with kombucha's acidic environment.

Convenient and cheap substitutes (e.g. plastic or steel) commonly used for fermentation theoretically do not affect the taste but through reactions with a low pH of the drink they can precipitate harmful micro particles that penetrate the drink and later can end up in our digestive system.

It may seem complicated but it is not at all! Ask your relatives who make homemade fermented pickles in which they make them. The answer is simple - in a glass jar or a stoneware.

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