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Fermented Yerba Mate brew. The most interesting and intriguing of all flavours.
It combines the stimulating properties of Yerba, vitamins and valuable probiotics produced in the fermentation process.

Filtered water, organic Yerba Mate tea, sugar, live bacteria and yeast. And that's all!

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

Calories: 20,2 kcal / 84,5 kJ

Total Fat:0 g

Total carbohydrate:
Sugars:4,8 g
4,8 g

Protein:0,1 g

Sodium:0 g

Addition informations:

Despite filtration, sediment or small transparent jellies may appear. It's completely normal and is proof that kombucha is alive.

As with any fermented product, traces of alcohol may occur but less than 0.5 ABV.

Yerba is our original, extremely successful experiment. It arose out of curiosity and out of need. We were looking for a drink that naturally adds energy and stimulates - and is healthy. Yerba often accompanies us during evening meetings but also when we need the maximum of concentration at work.

When to choose Yerba? When you prepare for the exam, you have to work longer, you go for an overnight part or simply when you feel like drinking it. Yerba will always work when you need concentration and an injection of natural energy.

330 ml bottles are perfect "at once". So you don't have to leave kombucha for later and you can always enjoy the best taste.

An open bottle of kombucha left for a long time can become noticeably more acidic. The reason is the inflow of air, which "awakens" dormant fermentation.

Storage of kombucha at a temperature higher than 8°C may affect the taste. Remember that KOKO Kombucha is a living tea that reacts to the surroundings.